Laptop Borrower Program

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Due to COVID19 school closures, GRADES K-12 and College Level Students can borrow a laptop for their school work and online learning platform for their classroom through the end of the school year.  Sign up below!


If you have any questions, please contact us at:


"I’d like to once again say thank you for being such a blessing to families in need. Each mother who received a laptop was extremely thankful and immediately accessed their child’s online learning sites. I truly appreciate you and the organization and thank God for you."

Patrice Preston

Second Grade Teacher

"Thank you so much to the Lee Arthur Johnson Center.  I didn't have the funds to purchase a computer for my children to do their homework assignments during COVID-19.  They were able to complete their assignments and stay on track.                                                                                                                    V. Jackson

Thank you LAJC for providing our family with access to two laptops for our sons.  When every member in the family needs access to !  This really allowed our family not to miss a beat!

                                  The Haynes Family

Thank you LAJC for allowing me to use your laptop.  It has done so much for me.  I can get work done fast and efficient and I don't have to wait on somebody to use their laptop.  This laptop is key to my success and is very helpful in getting my work done.  Thank you.

                                                                    Wisdom H.                                                      Mansfield HS, 10th Grade  /  Arlington, Texas


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