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Board of Directors


LaDonna Vick

Executive Director

LaDonna Vick currently serves as Executive Director of the Lee Arthur Johnson (LAJCenter)  With over 20 years of experience in education programs for children and youth in the United States and abroad, LaDonna is extremely passionate about education and our youth.

Dr Davion Wallace.jpg

Dr. Davion Wallace

Organizational Management/Clinical Psychology

Dr. Davion Wallace is a preeminent scholar; he holds a BA in Business Administration, a MBA in Organizational Management and a PhD in Psychology-Clinical Supervision. He brings expertise through his diverse experiences in leadership, employee development and human resources. He has a phenomenal visionary leadership style with a penchant for strategic planning, an intuitive understanding of corporate and non-profit operations.

Rashida Casey-Reynolds2.jpg

Rashida Casey-Reynolds

Community Engagement

Rashida holds Masters Degrees in Human Relations and Marriage & Family Therapy.  She is a military veteran with 19+ years of leadership, training and administrative skills.  As the Division Education and Training Manager, she provided training and guidance to 1700+ personnel/families for both military and civilian training requirements.

Martina Van Norden.jpg

Martina P. Van Norden

Educational Consultant

Martina Van Norden has served as an educational consultant to businesses, faith-based organizations and other community leaders in their start-up and operation of charter school programs in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Texas.

Melanie Simmons

Melanie Simmons

Cybersecurity Professional

Melanie Simmons holds a Masters in Cybersecurity, as well as an MBA.  She is a 17+ years IT professional focusing on managing telecommunications networks and is currently preparing telecom networks for 5G.


Kasey Tyler-Waller

Community Development

From Corporate America, to the Founder/Owner of Maze of Life Resource Center, Kasey brings a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurial leadership and life skills management.

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