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Our Mission:

The mission of the Lee Arthur Johnson Center is to enhance the learning process and promote the intellectual growth of students by providing educational support services outside of the formal school setting.

Objective 1:       

Improve students' skills by providing academic classes in mathematics, science, reading, writing and language arts and computer science, while focusing on Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) to 

ensure students remain on track to the best of their ability.


Objective 2:       

Nurture the critical thinking, problem-solving skills and the social and emotional development of our students.

Objective 3:      

Expose students to various processes and resources that will increase their likelihood of being accepted into college.

Our Legacy:


 Lee Arthur Johnson was my father and the girls' “Papa.” The Center is named in honor of him and how important pursuing education was to him. We established the Lee Arthur Johnson Center in 2013 to provide a test-taking “safe haven” for those suffering from testing anxiety. 


While my daughters Tiana and Zaria did well academically, they still had a difficult time with testing. Once they began testing for college, both experienced a level of anxiety that prevented them from earning high scores. They did well enough to get into the college(s) of their choice but missed scholarship opportunities because of their low scores.

In 2014, Tiana graduated from The University of Oklahoma (OU) where she double-majored in Linguistics and African/African-American Studies. She completed both degrees in the “traditional” four-year time span for undergraduates. In 2017, Zaria graduated from Oklahoma State University (OSU) with a Bachelor's in Animal Science Bio-Technology. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Toxicology at Colorado State University (CSU).


Though both girls struggled with national and standardized tests, they went on to be successful in college and beyond. We believe they are not an exception to the rule, but instead, a testimony of how a dedicated tutoring (and test strategies) program can assist our youth in excelling beyond traditional classroom teaching. Earning higher test scores doesn't have to end at getting into the college of your choice. We want to help you earn scholarship opportunities as well.  

Papa would be proud!

LaDonna D Vick

LaDonna D. Vick, M.P.A.

Executive Director

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