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Media Contact: LaDonna Vick, Executive Director


ARLINGTON, TX – LaDonna Vick, Executive Director of the Lee Arthur Johnson Center (LAJC) in Arlington, Texas, is on a mission to help youth achieve their college dreams.


The LAJC’s Mission is to enhance the student learning process by promoting the intellectual growth of students and providing comprehensive testing services to members of the community outside the formal school setting.  They provide student focused college entrance exam preparatory courses and Dream to Achieve College Tours.  These services are provided at a very low cost or free.  Vick is proud to say, “It gives those who cannot afford those high cost test prep centers a chance to get the help they need.”


LAJC came out of Vick’s concern for her two daughters who did well academically in school, but had a difficult time with testing. When they entered the level in their school career to begin testing for college, both experienced a level of testing anxiety that prevented them from getting high scores. “They did well enough to get into the college of their choice, but missed scholarship opportunities because of their low test scores.”  


LAJC is named after her father, the girls “Papa”.  Vick states, “LAJC was named in honor of him because he knew how important it was the girls were afforded the chance to pursue their education. She continued to say, “If he were here, I know he would be proud of the young women they have become.”


She reiterated, “even though her daughters struggled with those National tests, they have been very successful in college.”   She believes they are not an exception to that rule, but there are countless other youth that could benefit from the services LAJC offers by not only achieving higher test scores, but a greater level of confidence in their abilities.” 

Vick’s  oldest daughter graduated from Oklahoma University(OU) in May 2014, double majoring in Linguistics and African/African-American Studies. She completed both degrees in the “normal” 4 years for undergraduate work. The younger is now a junior at Oklahoma State University, majoring in Animal Science Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


The success of these youth alone is quite an accomplishment for the Lee Arthur Johnson Center.  It attests to the professional and caring services each student receives and how well they do even after the students leave the center and pursue their college aspirations.


Be sure to check out LAJCs services and if you would like to donate, visit their website at  /  Arlington, Texas


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